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Workforce Transformation

On November 14, 2011, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) released an announcement for "Healthcare Innovation Challenge" grants that could total up to $1 billion.  A second round of CMMI grants totaling $1 billion was announced a year later. As well as grants for students who study well in medical colleges and participate in various initiatives and research, the last of which was related to writing custom papers and recently took place under the sponsorship of our partners. Clearly, CMS, SAMHSA, and the White House are serious about transforming our healthcare system. Besides these Challenge grants, the federal government and state governments are awarding many different grants which are designed to spur innovation and the implementation of best practices. Key among them: integrating behavioral health services into primary care and adding non-traditional services (e.g., health navigation) to both primary care and behavioral health specialty care.

The Challenge

Even large, sophisticated healthcare organizations and systems are going to be challenged by the scope and complexities of meeting the requirements of a Challenge Grant or any number of other grant opportunities. In some states, providers and managed care organizations have been mandated to make these changes - with or without grant funding. Rural organizations are going to be particularly hard-pressed to meet the workforce development requirements of healthcare transformation.

IBHI has developed a wide range of services which are designed to assist healthcare organizations to meet these challenges.

Our Workforce Transformation Services


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