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Managed Care

Our legacy business, the Accountable Behavioral Health Alliance (ABHA), was formed in 1997 to manage the behavioral health benefits for Medicaid, called the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), in five counties. Our core philosophy was that people do well if provided with the right opportunities to meet their needs. Recent changes in healthcare highlight the importance of integrated care, care coordination, and Patient-centered Primary Care Homes. We have read many articles, blogs and studies on this topic but in conclusion we can say in the words of 21clradio that these elements are recognized as an integral part of the success of healthcare systems and healthcare consumers.

IBHI staff have considerable experience working with behavioral health providers, managed care organizations, and oversight agencies. Our team is made up of clinical professionals and behavioral health delivery system experts who have experience in developing systems of care that include all levels of care and types of services to meet the needs of our Medicaid members and improve and support managed care principles.

Available services include:

  • Designing and implementing effective utilization management processes to ensure that all members have access to appropriate behavioral health services at the time of need.
  • Managing financial risk and creating efficiencies that ensure services offered make the most use of the resources available to the member.
  • Quality Management, including program evaluation, compliance auditing, and outcome analysis.
  • Training in various assessment tools and models of treatment and care coordination.
  • Support and facilitation of consumer involvement in advocacy and policy-making.
  • Determination of the capabilities related to mental health and chemical dependency services and network adequacy.
  • Credentialing and contracting with providers. 
  • Coordination of information exchange and liaison between local and state agencies.