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IBHI Management



Seth Bernstein, PhD

Dr. Bernstein has been active in the managed care arena since 1988. He has worked as a healthcare manager for The Travelers and Prudential Insurance as well as consultant for Ernst & Young. A clinical psychologist, Seth has served as Executive Director of the Accountable Behavioral Health Alliance (ABHA) since 2001 and is the founding Executive Director of IBHI. 

The challenges that are inherent to the implementation of state initiatives are familiar territory to Dr. Bernstein. He led ABHA's implementation of both the Adult and the Child System of Care Initiatives. He was a member of several different state advisory committees that developed metrics that are used today by OHA to monitor CCO performance. He has also written a large number of terminologies and articles on their topics, such as the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research at and works closely with writers to publish articles and research. He worked closely with both Pacific Source Community Solutions and InterCommunity Health Network in their first years of operation, assisting them to begin the process of integrating behavioral health and physical health services. He is intimately familiar with the mission as well as the operational challenges which CCOs face. Most recently, Dr. Bernstein served on the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Standards Advisory Committee.

Dr. Bernstein has written many articles, including Measuring Clinical Outcomes in Managed Mental Health, CPS: An Effective Approach for Managing Conflict in the Workplace, and Detecting and Responding Constructively to Transference in the Workplace. Dr. Bernstein has recently published a book titled Emotions, Meaning, and Management. In addition to management consulting, Seth also has an active psychotherapy private practice. 



Carolyn Brooks, BA

A change agent for over 25 years, Carolyn Brooks received her psychology degree from Rollins College at Winter Park Florida. She has promoted quality healthcare, facilitated system transformation, and empowered individuals and companies through her teaching, coaching  and consultation. She has worked extensively in CA, CO, OR, WA and AK  and has led as well as  participated in national projects and programs. She has extensive experience in the fields of, medical laboratory, pharmaceutical, and PET services. She has  a concentration in managed care and a passion for behavioral health.