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The Institute for Behavioral Health Integration offers consulting services to organizations and networks at all stages in their transformative growth into integrated healthcare systems.

Most health systems have an aspirational goal of integrating behavioral health services into their delivery models. We know that this is much more easily said than done. Even with the best of intentions, cultural and institutional barriers to change can thwart efforts to redesign and/or implement new models of care delivery and new business practices.

Both individually and collectively, IBHI staff have many years of experience working with:

  • Writing current research in the field of psychology for students or working in a company where student psychologists buy nursing paper online from professional writers
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Primary care clinics
  • Managed care organizations and state regulatory agencies charged with oversight of Medicaid and Medicare programs
  • Commercial insurance carriers

We bring this experience to our consulting work for the Institute, joining our colleagues from Performance Health Technology (PHTech), a recognized leader in third-party administrative services for the healthcare sector.