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  • Neftali Serrano, Psy.D., Lead Consultant. With 11 years experience in primary care, Dr. Serrano is Director of Primary Care Behavioral Health, Access Community Health Centers, Madison, WI. Dr. Serrano's consultation style mirrors his consults with patients--pragmatic, collaborative, goal-directed and based on the best evidence and practices available.
  • M. Hunter Hansen, Psy.D., Associate Consultant. Dr. Hansen, with 7 years in primary care, is passionate about helping clinics conceptualize integrated care that works for patients and providers. In addition to helping with start ups, he also enjoys consulting with clinics that are trying to grow their programs.
  • Armando Hernandez, Ph.D., Associate Consultant. Dr. Hernandez has served 4 years in primary care. He has found a special connection and passion in primary care and community health centers. Working in this area brings together his interests in collaborative approaches, pediatrics, community prevention, social justice, and multicultural issues.
  • Elizabeth Zeidler Schreiter, Psy.D., Associate Consultant. Dr. Zeidler has 5 years experience in primary care practice and is currently with Access Community Health Centers in Madison, WI. In addition to direct patient care and supervision of trainees, she serves as the liaison to the community and manages the consulting psychiatry service.

Dr. Brian Sandoval is a clinical psychologist with 5 years of primary care experience in several capacities including clinical work, program development, and research. He is currently the program manager for Primary Care Behavioral Health at the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, an FQHC network with 13 clinics throughout Oregon and Washington. During his professional career, Brian has been involved in several projects integrating mental and physical health.  His current interests include data-driven payment reform to enhance behavioral health service delivery.  Brian has a passion for working with the underserved and continues to provide clinical services at Salud Medical Center while also leading his organization's efforts for recognition as a patient-centered medical home.   Recently, Brian became an Associate Consultant for, a group that focuses on coaching medical practices and health systems in adopting a more coordinated behavioral health approach.

We know that education and training are not sufficient unto themselves, so primary care practices must be organized on all levels to respond to behavioral challenges. IBHI in partnership with, offer a complete wrap around approach to the pressing needs of clinics in rural and urban settings, to deliver behavioral health services on the spot to patients in need. IBHI will help implement a service structure that financially sustains itself.


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