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Clinical Supervision

Temporary Clinical Supervision Services

From time to time, behavioral health service agencies are not able to replace clinical supervisors as quickly as needed. This results in an agency failing to meeting state requirements for clinical supervision and agency staff not receiving adequate supervision. Quite possibly, the loss of a clinical supervisor will impact clinical outcomes. 

To assist agencies in avoiding these problems, IBHI can provide clinical supervision services for agency staff until such time as the agency's recruitment and hiring efforts have been successful. A minimum time period for a contract for such services would be two months. 

The IBHI staff providing these services are experienced clinical supervisors and meet Oregon statutory standards for providing such services to masters-level staff.

To save agencies on the cost of IBHI travel, we use HIPAA-compliant video technology to link supervisors with their agency staff. However, before such video services begin, IBHI staff will meet on site with all staff who will be supervised as well as agency managers. IBHI temporary supervisors will access the agency's electronic health record system to review and, as needed, sign essential clinical documents such as assessments and service plans.

 Charges these services will be based on IBHI's hourly consulting rate.

For additional information about the Supervisory or other services provided by IBHI

Contact:  Carolyn Brooks Manager of Business Development at 541 844-9850,    [email protected]