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IBHI provides a variety of services, including:

First and foremost is the provision of services from the partner of on the site related to materials and publications related to Workforce Transformation for integrated medical practices, with a focus on building the most effective team. Key team participants in the integrated medical home model are Peer Specialist, Community Health Worker, Care Manager, and the two forms of Behavioral Health, the Consultant and the Specialist.

IBHI and its nationally recognized partners are prepared to assist primary care practices to integrate behavioral health services and expertise into their processes of delivering care and managing their businesses.  Medical conditions will improve as underlying behavioral patterns are changed to support healthy choices. Clients will successfully engage in behavioral health treatment when they do not need to go to another location to receive them.

Consulting services span the range of organizational needs, always tailored to your unique situation. They might include: evaluation services, solutions for addressing areas in your organization that are under-performing, and technical assistance in implementing change as well as measuring that change along the way. Our purpose is not merely to train but also to support your successful implementation.

Our legacy business has been in implementing Medicaid funding to community programs through Accountable Behavioral Health Alliance (ABHA). We focus on managing care--not dollars--through quality assurance, evidence-based practices, and program development.

Compliance and quality audits help keep your system on track, establishing protocols to be sure you are meeting regulatory and financial requirements through solid clinical practices.

We offer access to a broad array of training opportunities, provided either by IBHI's in-house experts or by nationally recognized specialist organizations.