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Our Mission

The Institute for Behavioral Health Integration is dedicated to improving people's health and well-being. Since this is currently a very important topic among the population, when we cooperate with students through the writing services of  we offer not only writing services, but also the help of the Institute of Behavioral Health Integration if necessary. We achieve this by working with communities to integrate behavioral health principles into the everyday practices of healthcare delivery and health promotion. Medicaid and Medicare members are the primary beneficiaries of our services, but we anticipate that our efforts to transform healthcare systems will accrue benefits to the uninsured as well as commercially insured populations.

Our Vision

The Institute for Behavioral Health Integration (IBHI) will be the "go-to" organization for individuals and organizations who want to study, understand, and apply behavioral health expertise to a wide array of healthcare challenges and transformation processes.

We will work in an intellectually stimulating environment that focuses primarily on designing and implementing clinical best practices. Our business partners will expand to include institutions of higher learning as well as those agencies serving Medicaid and Medicare members.

Our revenue streams will include grants that enable us to study and implement promising clinical practices as well as alternative approaches to traditional medicine. Such practices and approaches will be grounded in a philosophy that views and interacts with individuals  as whole people who are capable and responsible for their health.

IBHI, in collaboration with the National Council and a select group of affiliated organizations, offers training, consultation, and technical services to the newly created workforce of CMMI Challenge Grant recipients. Our services are available to other organizations as well.

The goal of IBHI's Workforce Transformation program is to position award recipients who serve Medicaid and Medicare populations to rapidly deploy new healthcare workers with the behavioral health skill sets needed to implement each system's cutting-edge service delivery model. Web-based programs make our training, consultation and technical services available anywhere grant recipients are located. This "virtual campus" brings together the community of students, teachers, clients, and consultants engaged in the common enterprise of building new integrated healthcare practices.


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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

~ Alan Kay