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Our Approach


Once it is determined that your organization might benefit from our services, members of your staff, selected by senior management, will complete an online organizational self-assessment survey. The survey establishes a three-dimensional baseline of a primary care practice's capability to integrate behavioral health services into its manner of caring for clients. There are six sections to the survey, each of which consists of 10-20 benchmarks.

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Business Model
  • Clinical Operations and Services • Skills
  • Infrastructure
  • Risk Management

After analyzing the results of the survey, our consultants will meet with senior management to discuss the results. From this discussion of our survey data, a picture will emerge of the services IBHI and its partners could provide to assist your organization in developing the skills and other capabilities that meet the standards of an integrated primary care practice. 

Proposal and Contracting

If the self-assessment process leads your organization to the conclusion that it would like to work with IBHI to transform its practice, IBHI will develop a formal written proposal which will include:

  • A summary of the self-assessment analysis
  • Scope of work by objective
  • Process and timeline for providing assistance
  • Outcome metrics
  • Your cost
  • Our team to serve you

Primary Care

Service Delivery



Self Assessment Forms