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Dedicated to improving people's health and well-being by working with communities to integrate behavioral health principles into the everyday practices of healthcare delivery and health promotion. Our core areas of focus are transformation, sustainability, and accountability.



IBHI assists primary care clinics with the integration of behavioral health services into their day to day operations. We also assist behavioral health agencies in integrating primary care services into their approach to serving their clients. Managed care organizations face challenges in translating the potential of integrated care into actual changes in their own internal operations and their management of their health networks. IBHI provides consultation services which are designed to address these challenges.

Training and Education

IBHI staff offer trainings that enhance the clinical skills of providers and reduce their risk of being out of compliance with state and federal regulations. Trainings include:

  • Brief Episodic Outpatient Treatment For Behavioral Health Agencies
  • Clinical Documentation Training For Behavioral Health Agenciies
  • Behavioral Health Awareness in Primary Care Medicine 
  • Working With Challenging Patients In Primary Care
  • Working With Suicidal Patients


State and Federal governments have built budgets that rely on recoupments of Medicaid and Medicare funding from providers. IBHI offers services designed to help providers to avoid demands for repayment. IBHI can assist provider agencies develop risk mitigation programs that proactively identify compliance issues and take corrective actions to address them.  A component of such assistance could include clinical chart auditing. Our auditing process makes use of a proprietary auditing tool which IBHI has developed. Client's have an option to lease this tool from IBHI.  


Visit us at our booth, April 3 and 4, in the Solutions Pavillion at the annual conference of the National Council For Community Behavioral Health being held in Seattle this year.

IBHI now offering trainings in Brief, Episodic Outpatient Psychotherapy

Book Releases:

The Implementer's Guide To Primary Care Behavioral Health by Neftali Serrano

Emotions, Meaning, and Management  by Seth Bernstein


Poorly written progress notes can be considered "fraud," leading to demands for multi-million dollar repayments of Federal funds.