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Case Manager Training

Moving from case management to care management; Transforming case managers for the new healthcare marketplace

Case managers have long formed the backbone of community behavioral healthcare. Their skills in providing community-based support and connecting with community resources have been instrumental to creating a life in the community for many people living with mental and substance use disorders. As healthcare reform advances, and as more states move to health home models, the new healthcare marketplace will rely on case managers' existing knowledge and skills in new ways. It will also require these vital professionals to expand their coordination skills to the physical healthcare arena, increase their expertise in health behavior change, and expand their knowledge of the  common and chronic health problems that individuals with mental and substance use disorders face.

The expanded knowledge and skill set encompassed in this training program prepares today's case manager to begin a journey toward a broader care management approach.

The Case Management to Care Management training program covers a variety of topics including:

  1. National forces driving change
  2. Conceptual framework for change:  health homes & chronic care model
  3. The critical need for integration of care for people with serious  mental Illnesses and/or substance use disorders
  4. Motivational interviewing strategies for activating health behavior change
  5. The physical health needs of people with behavioral health challenges
  6. Diabetes and heart disease: key issues and key interventions
  7. Self-assessment of individual practice
  8. Applying rapid cycle change to health behavior change, goal planning, and documentation
  9. Feedback and evaluation

Following training, participants have access to a three-part webinar series designed to reinforce and expand on the training content.